How to Prepare Your Child for Preschool

1. Talk to your child about school well before it begins. Start a morning routine and talk to your child about what to expect when they get to school, who will be there, all of the fun things they will do. Excitement is contagious.

2. Tell your child who will be picking them up. Young children sometimes feel like their parent, caregiver might never come back especially if they haven’t been dropped off somewhere before.  Reinforce the idea that you will be back after school.

3. When you drop your child off, never sneak away. Tell your child goodbye, and make sure they know you are leaving. If your child doesn’t know that you have left, they soon will and they may feel abandoned.

4. Keep the goodbyes brief. Lingering goodbyes can be confusing for a child. Your child may be upset when you leave, but if you have told them you are going to leave, they should be prepared.  Trust that the teacher will comfort an upset child. Most likely, things will calm down once your child becomes involved in an activity. If a parent or caregiver lingers, that – rather than the activity – becomes the focus.

5. Create a ritual. Rituals can be comforting to preschool-aged children who may have some anxiety about starting school. Come up with a special hug, or blow three kisses before you leave. Perhaps put a kiss in your child’s pocket so that it can be “used” later. Get creative and come up with something that will provide enjoyment and comfort to your child.

The first day, or even the first several days of school can be trying but try to focus on the positive. This is an exciting time for you and your child! Enjoy!

(Source: 5 Tips for Sending Your Preschooler off Successfully on the First Day)